College of 3 was established on 03.17.1960. During the journey than 54 years of establishment, growth and development, the school always get the deep concern of the Party, State, Government, the leadership direction of the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defence that direct-BTL Military Region Party Committee, the enthusiastic help of the ministerial departments and agencies from central to local levels. Especially most recently dated 23.05.2014 Prime Minister decision approving the project development of high quality vocational schools by 2020. According to Decision No. 761 / QD-TTg, from this school stand named in the first 10 out of 45 cases were invested to achieve high quality standards and international ASEAN region by 2020. This is an important milestone marking the growth and maturation of the field on a new heights.

Criteria'm teaching theory, practice firm, with more preferential policies, annually, the school has attracted large numbers of demobilized soldiers, the main object of the vocational school. Only 5 years from 2010 to 2014 school enrollment has consulted for over 100,000 objects BDXN and social policy; organizing training for 68,713 HSSV, including vocational training for 28 620 and 40 093 BDXN policy objects and persons with vocational training needs. To obtain encouraging results so uy- Party School Board effective special attention to strengthen and consolidate the system equipment and facilities to improve the quality and effectiveness of training , with funds from the state budget, ODA7 capital, capital projects and develop innovative vocational training, savings from internal resources. So far, the school has 70 classrooms theory, 86 workshops were installed modern equipment to ensure service training to about 15 thousand HSSV flow / year, while 7 factory standards Europe, 28 new factories ASEAN investment standards, 26 workshops national standards.

With these achievements in task performance training Vocational College of 3 consecutive been MOLISA, Ministry of Defence, Commander of Military Zone 3, the PC Hai Phong and Nam Dinh donate emulation standard Excellent. Party and State Labor Medal First Class 2008, the Government gave excellent emulation standard of Merit in 2005 and 2011. To promote the achievements gained over the years along with the solidarity, the active, dynamic and creative, uy- Party Leadership and staff, teachers, public school employees determined to win all assigned tasks, worthy is the high quality training area ASEAN and international, is a reliable address for the object BDXN and social policies, providing high-quality human resources for the society in the country's industrialization and modernization. /.