College 3 - Department of Defense Towards High-tech training


College 3 - The Ministry of Defence was established on 12/01/2007 by decision of the Minister of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs on the basis of the upgrade from school to vocational training 3 technical manpower supply high quality for key industries, the service industry ... in the province of Hai Phong City and regional economic center in the north. Over 53 years of development and growth, the school has achieved remarkable achievement and is taking steps to assert its position in the field of vocational training in the country. The goal of the university is moving toward high-tech training to serve the industrialization and modernization of the country.

Concentrating resources ...

We went to College 3 on the last day of Autumn, when officials and school teachers are focusing all resources for the new school year enrollment. With so much chaos, Colonel Le Thanh Thuy Rector remains for us a little time to learn about the development direction and vision from the 2020's. Talking to us, he shared Cards: Recognizing the importance of human resources, especially labor force skilled in the era of industrialization and modernization, especially for a land developing countries and the lack of qualified human resources as our country, the College of three clearly defined goals basic operation is to maintain and promote the achievement "Where high-quality vocational training, is a reliable vocational training, job placement consultancy and manpower supply of qualified workers for the region and the world, deserves a typical 26 vocational schools in the country to pilot position National target program of high-quality vocational training, regional and international ASEAN (period 2011-2015) and the 2020 vision of your choice MOLISA.

          The university has 208 staff, teachers, school sinh- 14,803 students with 07 faculties, training of social professions are in high demand: Electrical, Automotive Technology, Engineering, Construction operation construction machines, foreign language- Computer Science, Mechanical rightfully Facility, May and fashion design and driving cars grades. The views of the school in the current period that is trained according to the needs of society, implementation of goals each student after graduation are to do so in addition to boosting the number of schools has put quality top quality. According to the school improvement program conducted, training plans, ensuring flexibility to meet the needs of employers now; procurement facilities, equipment modernized medium for teaching research has produced to create products for society, sorted, classroom layout system towards ensuring integrated engineering for graduate students, improve quality and efficiency through each lesson, hours of work, undertakings "each lesson is a job, every subject is a product ', to" every student is product commercialization. "

Special Schools also invest training staff, teachers of professional services, teaching, English, computer science has taught to just teach theory to practice, ensuring teaching integrated and taught in the training program and the International Asean region. Number of staff, teachers have college degrees, undergraduate, graduate more than 80%. Students learn theory coupled with skills training skilled, engaged in scientific research, practice combined production. Although not the case, but many students have to work and businesses appreciate the practical skills, the style industry as well as discipline, work safety.

... Towards High-tech training

With the goal of high-quality vocational training, vocational training towards international standards, in recent years the school has not stopped contact, seek opportunities to collaborate on training, fostering technology transfer with foreign partners such as universities, colleges, international organizations ... to facilitate jobs for school graduates have established positive relationships with businesses. These relationships have contributed to the school with additional resources during training and practical learning environment both jobs after graduation for students. The school put 100% committed to student learning outcomes are achieved employment. Currently students industries such as Mechanical, Electrical, Automotive Technology business was ordered in bulk, which is higher than the number of students training school.

Recently, spoke at the graduation ceremony, Director General Department of Vocational Training (Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs) Duong Duc Lan congratulate and commend the effort of learning and training of skilled staff to sinh- the teachers and students of the College 3. The Director General expressed the joy of strong growth, continuous over the years both in terms of physical facilities, enrollment size and quality training of school. Director General appreciated the presence of the now receiving students, students on work and contracting training coordinated with the school. 

By 2015, the labor movement in ASEAN will take place; Vietnam labor with job opportunities in the advanced countries in the region, in this context if the student's qualifications, vocational students recognized the wages of labor Vietnam trained well paid wage labor as neighbors vuc.Truong College of honor 3 selected from 500 vocational colleges, vocational in both countries on the list of 40 public schools to focus on building a quality school 2020 high; The Director General said that this is one very favorable conditions facilitate the rapid development and the firm in the future. The school would be interested in investing in both synchronous infrastructure equipment, program curriculum, teacher training abroad. General Director of the General Department of Vocational confirm focus for 40 comprehensive schools, including the College of 3 becomes the exemplary model for vocational training sector. The Director General also wishes to promote school success has been achieved, united, dynamic, focused innovation to deploy the solution into the school's development of high quality.

For over 50 years to build and mature with a lot of ups and downs, although still difficult, but the collective staff, teachers Vocational College 3 through periods have unity, creativity and effort cease to build and nurture the glorious tradition of the school. From the achievements of the past year the College of 3 was honored with many prestigious awards from the Government, the central ministries and localities in and outside the military. Since 2000 the school has been awarded the Order of the First Labour, Second; Merit of the Prime Minister and many Emulation Flag outstanding units, Merit's Central Military Commission, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the High Command of Military Region III, Shanghai Municipal People's Committee Phong and Nam Dinh. It is the mental health motivation cheer enormous for generations officials, teachers, staff, students - students of the university competition successfully completed all assigned tasks, worthy of the glorious tradition of the previous generations have nurtured. /.

                                                          Bao Ha

Box: "We are shortage a huge labor force, especially skilled workers and high-tech jobs. Employment needs to be trained as well as the current reality in the future is very large, the rate of employment after high school graduates should be very easy to get a job with a high income when the current rate is very low apprenticed. It is time to change perceptions about the degree, what type should have a university degree from parents, students, graduate degree requirements for employers and apprentices notion remove choices The last part of society "- Colonel Le Thanh Thuy, Principal College of 3 sharing.